Chris Anthony

Former Alaskan Extreme Skiing Champion, veteran of 9 World Extreme Skiing Championships and 21 Warren Miller Films
Chris Anthony is a Colorado native and longtime Vail resident. For a good portion of his life Chris competed at an international level and traveled as an athlete and on-screen personality with the Warren Miller Film Team. Chris has filmed with the legendary action sports production company for 22 years and continues to do so currently. His feats are displayed in the annual Warren Miller feature film as well as numerous television programs and documentaries such as “Warren Miller Global Adventures.” Between film shoots and sponsor appearances Chris manages specialized ski programs under his company “Chris Anthony Adventures” in Alaska, Italy and Colorado. Additionally, Chris co-hosts the “Camp of the Superstars” every August in Portillo, Chile.
Recently Chris founded his “Youth Initiative Project”. The goal of the initiative is to seek out well-established, reputable and experienced youth or young adult oriented charitable organizations that have similar goals. These organizations must provide education, confidence and community building opportunities. By creating alliances between such organizations and his initiative, Chris hopes to expand the existing curriculum of these organizations by utilizing assets he has obtained throughout his career. Chris provides the charitable organizations with another marketing tool to positively accomplish their own missions, while reaching a greater number of youth.