Top 15 Best Camping Saw For Sawing Logs 2021

We’ve got you covered if you’re new to this useful tool. The most promising and sturdy versions that can make setting up a camp easier are included in our selection of the finest camping saws.

Camping Saws Of Many Kinds

There are three basic varieties of camping saws, each with its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

Here’s How They Compare In Real Life.

Chainsaw In A Pocket

For someone who requires camping saw, a pocket chainsaw is usually the lightest and smallest solution. These ingenious saws have a single chain of tough teeth that can be wrapped around a log and sliced in seconds.

Most, like the Nordic Pocket Saw, may be transported in a small carrying case.

Pocket chainsaws, on the other hand, are less beneficial for cutting through tiny branches and logs since they can become awkward and inefficient if wrapped around any branches less than 6 inches wide.

Longer pocket chainsaws, such as the Croc Survival Pocket Chainsaw and the Homyall Limb Rope Saw, are especially vulnerable.

Folding Saw

In terms of compactness, the best folding saws are a close second to pocket chainsaws, but they are more versatile for usage with smaller and medium-sized logs.

Best folding saws, on the other hand, are less efficient than both pocket chainsaws and bow saws due to their smaller blades.

This indicates that cutting a same sized log with a smaller best folding saw requires more strokes than cutting a similar-sized log with a larger folding saw.

Best Camping Saw For Sawing Logs

Saw With A Bow

The blade on a bow saw is thinner than that of a folding saw. As a result of their ability to effortlessly slice through wood, they are often more efficient in cutting.

Even folding bow saws, on the other hand, are cumbersome due to their longer blades than a more standard folding saw.

So, if overall cutting ease is important to you, a bow saw is a good choice. However, this convenience comes at the cost of additional weight and girth in your bag.

Design Of The Blade

The entire performance of your camping saw is influenced by three primary characteristics of blade design:

Dimensions And Length

Longer saw blades are more efficient because they allow you to cut more material in a single stroke. Longer blades, on the other hand, are heavier and more difficult to transport.

Angle Of The Blade

Blades on saws can be straight or curved. Straight blades are great for larger logs, while curved blades, such as the Gerber Gator Exchange-A-Blade and the Silky Gomboy Curve, are better for cutting up smaller branches fast.

The Number Of Teeth Per Inch (TPI)

Saws with more teeth per inch will provide you with a more precise, smoother, and controlled cut. However, this increased precision necessitates more time and effort.

Lower TPIs, on the other hand, allow you to cut wood more quickly and effectively, even if it’s a little rough around the edges.

If you’re merely seeking to cut wood for your fire or clear a route fast, a TPI of 6 to 7 would suffice.

For shelter construction and other applications, a TPI of 7 to 8 is likely to be the superior option. A saw with a TPI of 7 is a decent compromise between precision and efficiency, such as the Bahco Laplander.

There seems to be a misperception that even a wood-chopping axe is the only instrument you need while searching for wood for just a campfire and building a tent in the wild outdoor saw. To be honest, if you could have too, you can get by with such a hatchet, axe, and tomahawk. Mostly in the case of very large chunks of lumber and clean cuts, though, it isn’t the best instrument for the job. The camp saw is necessary for certain situations.

However, for an off-use, the Woodstock log cutting saw is a bit clunky. Fortunately, many designers and marketers have worked out how to make them less compact, collapsible, or trekking and backpacking-friendly.

You may now have one that splits in half, disassembles and packs within itself, and is nothing more than a rope with handles — and you’re doing all your timber sawing if you are in your own yard and out in the midst of the Yukon. Inside the following collection, we’ve compiled a list of the top Fifteen camp saws for your wood-cutting pleasures.

Our Top Pick

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List of Best Camping Saw For Sawing Logs

1.Buck Foldable Saw By Commander Kershaw

It is one of the smallest foldable best camping saws in our collection, with such a seven-inch sword, but it was still strong enough to withstand rigorous use in the wild outside. With its exceptionally robust high-carbon, nickel-plated skinning knife, the first is meant to be utilized for shooting and also chopping wood, although the name suggests.

This has a gripping glass-filled nylon grip with a rubberized coating that works well in wet and dry log cutting saw conditions. It also has a push and pulls button lock for further protection during use.

  • Folding Techniques
  • Material of the Blade: Carbon Steel Blade
  • Blade Length: 7″

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2.Eversaw 8.0 Pull Cut Saw

 3.SOG Folding Saw 

For a long period of time, SOG has already been producing ruggedized foldable saw equipment. Prolonged quite so, in truth, that you really can believe them to make a robust foldable saw even if you don’t observe them. And, in terms of both aesthetic and quality, their interpretation of this outdoor saw equipment is not disappointing. The high-carbon steel sword has a black powder coating surface for a much more sinister appearance and increased durability, while the maximum comfort TPR grip is pleasant and dependable in a log cutting saw. This also offers a high level of certainty against faults, ensuring that you can rely on its construction for many years.

  • Folding Techniques
  • Material of the Blade: Carbon Steel Powder Anodized Strong Blade
  • Blade Length: 8.25″

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4.Bahco Laplander Folding Camp Saw


5.Buckster Saw Filzer Bow

The majority of the other best camping saws on this listing are foldable saws. While folding a camp saw can help to reduce the size of a saw, it is still somewhat unwieldy and necessitates a considerably shorter blade than standard wood saws. Filzer Bow Buckster Saw bridges the gap by combining a traditional length & format with such a collapsible design. Although the 18-inch steel blade is larger than most foldable saw portable saws, the entire gadget can be folded and packed inside itself, resulting in a single 19-inch cylindrical tube that is easy to carry and move.

  • Collapsible Design
  • Material of the Blade: Steel
  • Blade Length: 18″

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6.Sven-Saw Wood Saw (Folding)

This Sven-Saw is an unusual alternative for a camp wood-cutting instrument, combining the simplicity and convenience of a folding camp saw knife with the toughness of a bow saw. The foldable saw layout makes this a secure and easy saw to pack, however, the structure provides a level of strength rarely found in many other folding camps saw. It also helps that the 7-Saw is accessible in 18 & 21-inch sizes, is built in the United States, and comes with two warranties.

  • Folding Techniques
  • Material of the Blade: Steel
  • Blade Length: 21″

7.Nordic Saw in a Pocket


8.Gerber Freescape Camp Saw (Gerber)


9.AxeSaw by Zippo

The lack of adaptability of the other best camping saws on our list has been one of their main flaws. All of them, with the exception of  Zippo AxeSaw, are exclusively saws. This one, on the other hand, is a dual-threat, with a working 15-inch saw blade as well as a 420 stainless axe head. As a result, when it comes to outdoors cutting jobs, you’ll be capable of covering all of your bases with this simple, portable, and flexible instrument. It also has a safety sheath to keep you from cutting yourself while using the saw, as well as a sledge tip on the backside for hammers in camping portable camping hand saw tent posts.

  • Collapsible Design
  • Stainless steel blade with a hardened edge
  • Blade Length: 15″

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10.BIG BOY Saw 360 Folding Silky

While the BIGBOY 360 is a little on the bulky side of the scale (it weighs 1.25 pounds and has a blade that extends over 14 inches), and there is no disputing that it’s fantastic camp saw. That bad boy is strong and rugged, having six teeth per inch that can handle almost any cutting job. The only drawback to this multi-functional saw is that it takes up a lot more space than any of the choices on our listing. But, given how often you get from it, that’s hardly a disadvantage.

  • Folding camping saw Techniques
  • Material of the Blade: Steel
  • Blade Length: 14.5′′

11.Combi Saw By Irwin


12.Tuff Camp Saw At Spring Creek


13. Pocket Chainsaw Croc Survival


14.Limb Rope Saw Homyall

15.Razortooth Folding Saw Corona


Camping Saw Buying Guide

Features To Seem For In Habitation Camping Hand Saws

Blade Material – habitation saw blades square measure made from either steel or stainless steel. The latter is costlier, however, the strength and anti-rust properties of the fabric pay off within the long term. steel is additionally an honest selection, however, concentrate to settle on a blade coated with AN anti-corrosive material.

Blade sort & Performance – 3 things to visualize square measure the blade angle, the teeth positioning, and therefore the teeth density.

  • The blade angle is either straight or incurved. Incurved habitation saws square measure a lot appropriate for agent branches, whereas the straight blades will handle thicker branches.
  • The teeth positioning impacts manoeuvrability. In our expertise camping hand saw, the blades with the teeth slanted towards the handle square measure are easier to use and provide you with a lot of management over the cut, though these blades tend to be agencies than those with teeth slanted removed from the handle.
  • Lastly, the teeth density, measured in tooth-per-inch (TPI) determines the accuracy of the cut. the upper the TPI, a lot of correct the cut, however, these blades conjointly cut slower. For the most effective balance between performance and accuracy, we tend to suggest a medium-toothed blade with around 8-9 TPI.

Handle style – A habitation saw’s handle should be technology and large enough to carry the blade firmly once bifold. High-density plastic or metal with a rubberized coating is your best choice for a fire escape camp saw.

Size & Weight – an honest habitation saw should be compact and lightweight. they need to add minimal bulk to your habitation gear and ideally match into a carry backpack or pocket. A length of around eight inches or less once bifold is comfortable. Survivalists might even like smaller pocket saws with a length of around five inches.

Portability – habitation portable hand saw saws square measure camping hand saw moveable by definition however don’t forget to visualize the blade protection system. Carrying pouches or cases add any price.

Features – the foremost vital options to seem for square measure the provision of replacement blades and spare components, as well as any barmy and rubberized handle sleeves, the pledge, and therefore the availability of the client service.

Quality – the foremost vital thing once assessing the standard of a habitation folding camping saw square measure the blade and therefore the handle. All merchandise featured in our list has sturdy blades made from sturdy materials like hard-carbon steel, tempered steel, or impulse-hardened steel.

These tools even have sturdy, technology handles and reliable joints to ensure years of dependable use.

Ease-of-Use – Your pocket saw won’t bring too many edges if it’s cumbersome or onerous to use. 2 things to own in mind square measure engineering science and weight.

The tool should feel balanced in your hand and supply a cushy, non-skid, grip. It should even be lightweight. Otherwise, it’s going to cause user fatigue. Lastly, check the scale of the blade too, particularly if you would like to chop thicker branches.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need A Saw For Camping?

Although not all campers would like these tools, however, you’ll like these habitation tools at any time thus it’s best to stay a saw with you, as these camping portable hand saw tools can create your habitation journey easier

What Is The Best Saw For Camping?

Outdoor activities need special tools which will alleviate the additional problem throughout the amount. A habitation saw maybe a kind of implement for ready camping portable hand saw for habitation activities. Campers notice it as a vital item in their backpack.

A regular saw isn’t an appropriate occasional activity. Once you get habitation, you wish to chop wood, meats, plastic, or metal. Also, gather woods to form a fireplace or build a camping area. of these needs, the most effective habitation saw.

Therefore, campers, survivalists, and hunters use this tool for playacting those activities. they like one thing which will quickly set within the backpack or pocket. Nowadays, these tools accompany safety options to avoid unwanted accidents.

What Are The Most Common Applications For Bow Saws?

A tree limb with a diameter of six inches is cut using a bow saw. Few variants come with an axe and a mallet, which add to the tool’s flexibility.

What Is The Best Way To Sharpen A Pocket Chainsaw?

We propose utilising a handheld chainsaw sharpener to sharpen a pocket chainsaw. You must ensure that the sharpener is compatible with your chainsaw.

Is It Necessary To Grease My Saw?

Yes, lubricating your saw on a regular basis keeps it in good working order and extends its lifespan. Use a food lubricant if you’re going to use the saw for something edible.

A camping saw is an essential tool for outdoor adventures. For pruning, trimming, and cutting tree trunks, we’ve compiled a list of the finest camping saws ideals. You can make your camping vacations more comfortable with these saws.


When you pack the correct tools, your camping experience will be enhanced. It’s always better to be safe than sorry. You’ll need it whether you’re starting a fire or constructing a structure.

Some may believe it isn’t required. But you’ll know when you get to your location and spend time without one. You’ll take it with you on your next journey as a survival saw.

The saws are also simple to use and use less energy. A huge and hefty instrument, an axe is. Furthermore, it is less likely to accomplish the goal. As a result, we made every effort to give you an informative review of this product.

It is preferable to make informed decisions based on the place and activities you will partake in there. Different saws will provide you with different results. As a result, owning the best camping saw is a must-have.


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