The 10 Best Camping Shovels In 2021 (Updated For Winter)

A camping shovel is an inter that can be used for more than just digging. Thanks to innovative new uses for this classic multi-tool, it could be used for almost anything.

A camping shovel is an essential multi-tool during your trip if you’re building a temporary accommodation, chopping wood, removing bushes, excavating a campfire, or channelling moving water.

It’s safe to assume that having one would be an unneeded extra to your whole bloated gear. That, however, is not the case.

Unlike ordinary shovels, camp excavators are small and light. Several of them are even collapsible, so they didn’t accept up too much room.

While having a camping shovel didn’t make you survival tools, this will come in useful if you stay the evening in the woods and sometimes in your own backyard.

Yet, with so many options available on the market, picking the best camping shovel could be difficult.

Looking for the best camping shovel setting up folding camping shovel entrenching tool?

Perfect, due to the fact we’ve got what you want.

Whether you’re seeking to construct a hearthplace pit, clean snow from a dig, or campsite a cat hollow to reply to nature’s call, tenting shovel camping tools is of the utmost importance. With such a lot of first-rate the best camping shovel to pick out from though, locating simply one on your tenting experience may be a change.

Thankfully, we realize how difficult it’s miles to pick out the proper shovel camping tools. We’re right here to help. Three capabilities that make first-rate tenting shovels, and steel shovels as :

Forceful sharp edge. A sharp edge makes it simpler to rapidly gather up firm, rough soil.

Movability. The best setting up folding camp snow shovel entrenching tool weighs under 3lbs (1.4kg) so they’re simpler to pack.

Agreeable handle. Ergonomic pedals are fundamental for solace while you burrow.

To get off at the proper course to locate your subsequent tenting snow shovel, we have curated 10 pinnacle fashions available in the marketplace today in the table of contents. We have additionally created a buyer’s manual with all of the records you want to make a great choice on your specific situation.

Best Camping Shovels

What Is The Purpose Of The Survival Shovel?

The survival shovel seems to be a strategic implementation that is used for more than just drilling trenches in the environment. A snow shovel is now used for institutionalisation and evacuation, however as technology improved, shovel became much more sophisticated and versatile.

Hiking, trekking, survival tool, camping trip, and personality, gardening, and other activities can all benefit from contemporary survival shovels of a stainless steel blade. I’ll go through the various and crucial applications of a modernized survival shovel later in this essay.

Our Top Pick

The Top Best Camping Shovels

1.Rhino Folding Shovel USA

  • 23.8″ Length
  • Weight 1.1kg /2.3lbs
  • Long length. Length 23.8” – burrowing more agreeable.
  • Flexible. Numerous utilization, including scoop, cultivator, saw and pickaxe.
  • Glove-viable. Handles wide can be easily utilized with gloves.
  • Substantial for a digging entrenching tool this size.

2.Folding Gerber Gorge Shovel

  • 16.5” Length
  • 1.8lbs / 0.8kg Weight
  • Lightweight: Only 1.75lbs to save weight in your pack.

  • Folding Shovel: Collapsing scoop with extending handle.

  • Compact Shovel: Incorporates nylon convey case of the military portable shovel. 
  • Non-flexible: Can’t be utilized as a scraper or pick. 

3.Military Grade FiveJoy Folding Shovel

  • 19” Length
  • 1.2lbs / 0.5kg Weight
  • Multi purpose-instrument: Accompanies 7 diverse endurance instruments
  • Lightweight: The entire unit weighs under 2lbs (0.9kg) 
  • Cumbersome: Requires two separate stockpiling pockets for transport.

4.Folding Shovel Antarctica

  • 15″ Length
  • 1.5lbs/0.7kg Weight

Worked in view of flexibility, this is a strong digging tool produced using high carbon steel and aviation-grade aluminium for backwoods use.

Notwithstanding its scooping capacities, this model likewise accompanies an implicit compass, saw, bottle opener, and screwdriver. The cutting edge on this digging tool can likewise be acclimated to 180º, 90º or 40º for burrowing, pounding, sawing, or whatever other occupation that necessitates doing around camp.

Folding Shovel Antarctica Collapsable can fall down into its little conveying pocket for transportation. It can likewise be joined with discretionary augmentation packs to extend the shaft of the digging tool for added accommodation while burrowing.

  • Multi-reason. Adaptable plan with 6 distinct employments.
  • Customizable. Edge can be set to various plots for scooping.
  • Lightweight. Lightest multi purpose-utilitarian digging tools accessible.
  • No pedal. Diminished hold because of the absence of handle in carbon steel.

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5.Tri-Fold Smittybilt Shovel 

  • 26″ Length
  • 2.6lbs/1.2kg Weight
  • Long duration: 26” duration is simpler to burrow with a folding shovel.
  • Twofold serration sharp edges give a really cutting region.
  • Restricted flexibility: Can’t be utilized as a cultivator or pickaxe.

6.Heavy Duty Texsport Survival Shovel 

  • 24″ Length
  • 2.4lbs/1.1kg Weight

Strong and useful, Heavy Duty Texsport Survival Shovel is produced using thick solid carbon steel with a dark powder finish for broadened use in tough boondocks circumstances of the folding shovel.

The handle of the shovel can expand as much as 24” long. It also can be unscrewed, eliminated to show a 5.5” blade noted for small reducing initiatives whilst your hand is a long way away.

Also, Heavy Duty Texsport Survival Shovel. Survival Shovel can be acclimated to be utilized as a cultivator or a pick utilizing the organization’s restrictive snap-lock framework of carbon steel.


  • Substantial: Rough solid carbon steel for length haul solidness.
  • Flexible:  Shaft unscrews to uncover a 5.5″ saw.
  • Movable: Can be utilized as a digging tool, digger, or pick.
  • No Case: Does exclude a convey case.

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7.Folding SOG Shovel 

  • 18.3″ Length
  • 1.5lbs/0.7kg Weight
  • Multi-reason: Can be utilized as a digging tool or cultivator.
  • Rough: Has serrated edges for sawing away branches.
  • Agreeable grasp: An enormous handle adds solace while burrowing heavy duty camping.
  • The little cutting edge is less effective.

8.Telescoping Schrade Shovel 

  • 20″ Length
  • 1.9lbs/0.9kg Weight
  • Durable: Shaft stretches out by 4″ for added solace while scooping.
  • Grippy: The T-molded handle is non-slip and gives great influence.
  • Sturdy: Hardened stainless steel configuration can withstand successive use.
  • Non-glove viable: T-molded handles aren’t incredible for gloves.
  • Non-serrated edge. Cutoff points used as a crisis saw.

9.Camping Kikunum Shovel 

  • 26.4″ Length
  • 1.5lbs/0.6kg Weight

Camping Kikunum is a completely utilitarian multi tools-device and scooping gadget. Its manganese metallic alloy blade may be adjusted to a couple of distinctive angles to be used as a hoe, a shove or a notice.

Besides, the digging tool accompanies a secret fire starter, blade, endurance whistle, strategic stick, glass breaker, screwdriver, and jug opener for crisis use. The edge is completely serrated on one side and has an implicit rope shaper, as well as a folding shovel.

At long last, the Camping Kikunum Shovel includes a movable length shaft with a non-slip handle that can be set to one or the other 15″, 20.9″, or 26.4″ to suit your necessities.

  • Movable: 3 distinct lengths for burrowing solace.

  • Multi function-reason: Accompanies coordinated endurance devices.

  • Massive: The Augmented bar occupies a ton of room.

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10.The Deuce TheTentLab Trowel 

  • 6.8″ Length
  • 0.6oz/17g Weight
  • Lightweight: Simply 0.6oz (17g)
  • Conservative: Perhaps the littlest digging tool accessible at 6.8″.
  • Grippy: A shaped grasp gives solace while burrowing.
  • Restricted Use: Excessively little for some burrowing occupations.

When it comes to camping, exactly can you use a shovel?

Because camping requires you to check luggage, it’s crucial to recognise which equipment is necessary and which may be left alone with a folding shovel.

Whereas a shovel might not always appear to be very important at first, most seasoned campers understand how crucial it is. Whenever it comes towards camping shovel as well as other recreational sports, a shovel’s primary functions include digging holes for faeces, moving embers along in a fireplace, digging a rain ditch around the canvas, levelling land to set up camp, digging a fireplace, and dealing with off-roading catastrophes.

While shovels available in a range of shapes and sizes, a collapsible, lightweight shovel seems great for camping shovel because it is easily portable on long excursions without weighing you back or takes up a lot of space.

Is a shovel required for backpacking?

A shovel is considered important by many experienced trekkers since it may be included in a variety of chores such as excavating a trench for a bonfire, faeces, or other uses.

As people adopt backpacking, most of whom consider shovelling to just be a necessary tool, a rising variety of various spades, which are often specifically made for trekkers, are coming on the marketplace with a folding shovel.

Obviously, when camping hiking, you want your gear to be as light & compacted as feasible, and a spade may appear to be an excessive, overweight, and needless item at first.

Backpacking shovels, but on the other hand, are worth considering because they are particularly built to just being compact in size.

What Is The Purpose Of A Camp Shovel?

When the correct tool is accessible, many camping shovel activities are transformed. Using a shovel should properly scatter the charcoal over the fire project makes combustion of a campfire considerably easier, as well as camping shovel, can also be used to encourage and kill the embers.

If you’re cooking over an open fire, a spade will come in handy for adjusting the wood without trying to leave your cooking setup.

Try building a fire tunnel to prevent a fire from spreading accidentally, and always ensure to bury your fire’s leftovers when you depart. Camping shovels present in water streams is considerably more fun if you understand how to construct a tiny drainage channel and direct water holding capacity from your campsites with a spade.

You’ll be surprised at how much a simple spade can alter your camping shovel experience!

Check out many of the versions just below that have included tool connections for the much more experienced campers. There’s no need to lug around a bunch of different gadgets any longer! Most of these versions come with extra blades or flame features to make your camping shovel duties easier while still giving you the pleasure of doing it yourself.

The majority of new models include ergonomically built handles that help to reduce discomfort and tiredness while working

Some all shovels must be considered a key and important part including its tool kit of true adventurers who camped year-round, particularly that camping shovel alone. Sand, snowfall, and dirt are all different, thus your shovel needs to be able to handle them all.

Some shovels can even be linked to a steel rod to make a homemade fishing lance or fire wedge. A shovel seems to be a must-have for each camper and a sure indicator of a serious aficionado.

Ensure you have the necessary tools with yourself if you’d like to crawl down on the ground. We compared seven spades with different functionality and design components and chose our best.

On a camp vacation, how do you utilise a folded shovel?

On such a camp vacation, folding shovels are the finest option. If you’re not camping shovel, it’s more practical to just use a regular spade. The reason for this is because a regular shovel is also much wider and also has a broader blade, allowing you to do a deal more of it.

A regular shovel, with all, cannot be carried as easily as just a folded shovel!

Save room in your luggage by using a folding spade while camping hiking. The majority of both the shovels up above come in such a tiny bag, as you’ll see.

When you collapse the shovel and carrying pouch it in one bag, this should only occupy up a small amount of space.

When you get to the campground and realise you’ll need the shovel, start pulling it outside the backpack, fold this into position, use it as a regular shovel.

What Would I Require To Keep The Spade In Good Working Order?

Shovel care is required to maintain the spade from corrosion, the grips from becoming brittle, as well as the blade from becoming dull. You’ll need the following items to do so:

  • Clean-up materials: Air fresheners should be wiped off along with washcloths before being washed away with water.
  • Cleaning supplies include a variety of brushes for scrubbing dirt off a shovel.
  • This sandpaper will be used on both glass and steel shovels.
  • To maintain the blade clean, use a metal signer.
  • Oils for lubrication the shovel throughout various forms.
  • Gloves, goggles, and a mask are all examples of personal protection equipment.

When Should You Use Lightweight Chain saws And When Should You Use Sturdy Shovels?

Lightweight foldable shovels come in handy while camping shovel as reconnaissance, digging sanitary holes, and scraping dirt from the campfire.

You’ll need a massive shovel for tunnelling, moving rough dirt or snowfall, and digging large holes, as lesser shovels may bend or shatter in such situations.

What does military shovel, exactly?

Maintaining shovels at residence is no issue. This can be stored in a garage, a closet, or a cupboard until needed. However, what if you’d like to carry an evacuation camping shovel in your vehicle or bring one backpacking with you? The ordinary shovel won’t fit in such a vehicle, and then it won’t fit in such a bag either of military-style.

A military folding shovel, on the other hand, is a small, sturdy shovel that can be carried in a rucksack. You might also be able to get one that fits in a coat pocket. This type is a versatile survival item in addition to being a shovel. Keep reading to know about it more and another folding shovel.

What does a survival shovel, exactly?

Do You Need A Survival Shovel?

A survival shovel isn’t your typical shovel, but I’ll tell you just what you know to understand about this post. But, would you really require a survivalist shovel? Yes, in such a nutshell, and you’ll quickly discover why.

Because there are so many different types of shovels available, you’ll need to know what a surviving shovel or how to pick the one. Keep reading this general introduction if you want to learn about using a survival shovel, how to choose one, as well as how to keep it in good working order.

What Are Some Of The Functions Of Such A Rescue Shovel?

As you also know, survival shovels (tactical shovel equipment) can be used for a variety of purposes. Please remember that, with several shovels mostly on market at the time, not all of them are appropriate for all of the applications indicated beneath. With all of this in mind, here are some of the numerous things you can perform with a survival tool shovel:

If your automobile becomes buried in sand, sludge, or snow, choose survival shovels to remove the tyres and exhaust manifolds and liberate your stalled vehicle so you can proceed on your mission.

A serrated blade can be seen on certain survival shovels. This could be useful if you ever need to trim branches while hiking or use them as firewood. Otherwise, have a look at my top survival tool knives recommendations.

When hiking or strolling in the wilderness or with an overgrown mountain road, and have no need to have used a blade. To remove bush out of your path, classification system the shovel blade in half and flail wildly.

Fishing: Many multi-tool shovels include fishing spears to aid in the capture of fish.

Split ice: If needed, an ice hatchet can be found with time complexity shovels.

That’s right, there’s an outdoor lavatory. When hiking, camping, or even other adventures, there are usually few possibilities for a planned potty break. It’s why, with the survivalist shovel, you may dig a toilet hole fast and simply and then hush things up.

To make a fire, detach the handle piece of certain shovels and look inside for a heating source. After that, all you must do is strike a pebble and against the shovel’s jagged point until a flame appears. And use a knife and any other pneumatic cylinder as a substitute is a viable option. I’ve written a separate essay about burning without sparks or a flashlight.

Search as well as a rescue: When anyone becomes stuck in a puddle of mud or perhaps a snow landslide, you could use the shovels to dig them out fast.

Personality: Because you never tell who you’ll run across on your adventure, a rescue shovel can also be used for self-defence, particularly against wild creatures and predators.

Climbing assistance: Whenever you need assistance while rising or mountaineering, you could use a shovel.

Folding Shovels Buying Guide

With such a lot of superb tenting shovels to pick out from, it may be hard to understand where to start. In this part, we’ll speak a few key matters to appearance out for whilst determining among distinctive of best-camping shovels on your adventures of backpacking shovel.

Generally size and versatility 

At the point when you’re enjoying the great outdoors, you need to have a digging tool that is a sufficiently compact shovel to fit in your pack. Lightweight shovel digging tools, such as TheTentLab The Deuce Trowel and the FiveJoy Military Folding Shovel are extraordinary alternatives for longer backpacking shovel exploring trips.

Notwithstanding, more modest digging tools can be trickier to burrow with in light of the fact that they don’t have long shafts for influence, similar to what you’d find with the Smittybilt Tri-Fold Shovel.

Thus, convenience in a camp digging tool is consistently a compromise between conservativeness for transport and comfort while burrowing.

Generally, a digging tool should be somewhere around 12″ (30.5cm) long to be utilitarian for greater burrowing projects.

The other thing to consider with regards to versatility is the digging tool’s collapsing backpacking shovel framework.

Sharp Edge Plan 

Current set up camp digging tool sharp edges are made with three primary materials : 

Treated steel compounds are sturdy and reasonable, which is the reason they’re a famous decision for setting up camp digging tools. While they don’t hold an edge just as high carbon steel options, spotless edges are for the most part found in spending plan amicable foldable shovel models.

High carbon steel is mainstream among strategic stuff creators since it remains sharp for an all-inclusive timeframe. For scoops, this edge maintenance is valuable since it permits you to rapidly cut through tree roots and other garbage while burrowing.

Aluminium is less regularly utilized as a cutting edge material for scoops since it will in general twist without any problem. Be that as it may, it is a lightweight shovel and moderately reasonable, so it’s occasionally utilized for more modest setting up camp scoops of backpacking shovel.

Moreover, most digging tools have a comparatively planned edge, however, some setting up camp explicit models will have a serrated cutting edge.

Serrated edges are extremely valuable for use as a crisis saw or for rapidly slicing through establishes in the dirt as you burrow.

Handle Plan 

While a digging tool’s edge gives your burrowing surface, the handle is the thing that permits you to get influence and effectively move soil and shakes. Numerous tri-collapsing scoops have handles produced using solid steel, which permit you to place a ton of weight on the digging tool in tough conditions.

These tri-collapsing digging tools will ordinarily have either a three-sided handle that is open and OK with or without gloves.

Or then again, they may have a T-formed handle that offers an extraordinary grasping surface for burrowing.

Then again, one of the downsides to certain digging tools, similar to the Military Style Antarctica Folding Shovel, is that they don’t have an assigned deal with and can be harder to grasp, particularly in wet conditions.

Notwithstanding, handle-less shafts are lighter and simpler to move in your pack to and from camp.

The shape of the blade

Folding shovels have been frequently used with a variety of tasks. As a result, the best swords for digging as well as cutting into dirt are those with large blades. Just use raised sides to sweep up a bunch from the group.

A larger blade, capable of scooping deeper and excavating materials efficiently, is required for light precipitation, loose & dry gravel, and rain.

Blades with such smaller scooping can be used for heavier and moist materials such as gravel.


You’ll probably utilise this gadget outside most of the time. Always choose fibreglass materials to survive bad weather. It is virtually temperature and does not rust. It was a little pricey, but it’s well worth it.


Is your foldable shovel the ideal length for you because of a user? Would it be so light because you can’t build up enough velocity to adequately dig into the dirt?

As a result, the first step is to understand the purpose of a shovel. Or how to put it to good use. Choose a spade with such a wooden pole if you need to start digging. You’d feel the impact of leaning too far or too often if you didn’t.

Similarly, what others consider to be far too small may well be the perfect fit for you. Therefore, find a shovel that suits your personality!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best folding shovel?

  • Pro: Fast-moving and compact shovel Schrade SCHSH1 Shovels.
  • Pro: Cuts through the ice with Gerber E-Tool.
  • Pro: Powerful saw blade designed for wood from SOG Specialist Knives & Equipment F19-N Premier.
  • Entrenching Tool for Glock.
  • Klappspaten, a German folding shovel from WWII.
  • Folding Intra Car Emergency whistle Shovel

What is a tactical shovel?

A tactical shovel is being used to chop wood, remove gravel, and pack yard debris. The blade remains strong enough even to cut into concrete slabs, and the device’s strong handle keeps it balanced when digging.

What is a hand shovel?

A manual shovel seems to be a tool used to sift, shovel, and move loose materials including dirt, coal, pebbles, snow, sands, and tarmac.

Shovels are frequently used in agriculture, architecture, landscaping, and farming.

E-tool vs military shovel – What’s the difference?

There’s not a distinction in terms of technicality. A military foldable shovel, also called e or reinforcing tool, seems to be a tiny, collapsible shovel, and strong enough to survive continuous use in tough environments.

How much weight can a camping shovel generally handle?

If fashioned entirely of tough materials, including such metal, a folding camp shovel could dig with up to 75 pounds of power of tactical shovel.

Should I get a camping shovel with serrated edges?

Shovels with serrated edges can be used as car emergency whistle cutters in survival shovel scenarios. It’s really a good idea to get shovels with bevelled blades because they’re great for cutting tree branches while digging foldable shovels.

What exactly is a shovel?

A shovel seems to be a tool that is used to dig, carrying pouches, and move bulk items like soil, anthracite, gravel, snowfall, sand, or iron. The majority of shovels include hand tools with a broad framework that enables an intermediate handle. Shovel knives are often composed of steel tubing or hard polymers, and they are quite durable.

What is the purpose of a camping shovel?

The camping shovel can be used for a variety of chores that newbies to camping shovel may not have imagined. You can flip over flames in a bonfire in the fireplace, dig a toilet, and bury food scraps with the correct shovel to keep animals out of the campground carrying pouch at night.

Try building a fire tunnel to prevent a fire from spreading accidentally, and always ensure to bury all fire’s leftovers when you depart. Camping shovels present in a water stream is considerably more fun if you understand how to construct a tiny drainage channel and direct water holding capacity from your campsites with shovels. You’ll be surprised at how much a simple spade can alter your camping shovel experience!

Is a shovel required for snowshoeing?

You’ll need a wheelbarrow if you’re going to winter camp and backcountry snowboarding. It’s needed for a variety of tasks, including camping shovel, building a log cabin, digging snow trenches to assess avalanche risk, and excavating out the landslide victim if the worst happens.



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