Camping or Camping Equipment (Travelers’ Advice)

Beginner’s Guide to Your First Campout

Everything you need to go camping or camping. From the tent or tent, types of sleeping bags, comfortable and inflatable mats that take up little space to low power LED lighting and stoves or camping gas.

For perfect camping, you need to bring the best camping equipment. Whether you are a beginner or you have the mountain in your veins, you will certainly benefit from these travel tips to enjoy this activity. The choice of the tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat or any utensil of the camping kit are key to enjoy either in a campsite or in the mountains.

Camping or Camping Equipment

Camping equipment

With regard to the material to go camping or camping you have to make sure that you can never miss the following things:

1.Tent types

The selection of the tent or tent if not the most vital, is one of the most important for the perfect camping. In terms of camping equipment, for us, it is the number 1. To begin with, you have to decide what type of tent you want:

  • 2-second type tents. These are tents that are very easy to assemble and are designed mainly for camping since transporting them is a problem. 
  • Family tents. We are talking about very large tents, with a living room and everything, and that also allows you to stand up inside them. They can only be transported by car, as they are very heavy and take up a lot of space.
  • Mountaineering or mountain tents. They are very light tents, of very little weight and also much more expensive. They are usually 1 to 4 people and are the ones used to carry in the backpack.

You have to know that each tent is designed for one thing and not all withstand the rain in the same way, so sometimes it is advisable not to always go to the cheapest, because a night in the rain can be forever remembered.

Camping or Camping Equipment

2.Sleeping bag, synthetic or down 

The choice of sleeping bag is almost as important as the choice of tent. If you bivouac (sleeping without an outdoor tent) you will know what I am talking about. As for the sleeping bags, you should know that there are mainly synthetic fiber or down sleeping bags. The latter is warmer and lighter, but on the other hand it cannot get wet and you usually have to keep it stretched so that the feathers do not suffer. 

The synthetic one on the other hand sometimes weighs more, but with materials like Primaloft they have made it warmer or warmer than a feather one, but of course, they do not shrink as much as the feather one and take up a little more space.

Besides, when choosing a bag you should know for which season or climate you need it, since a summer or winter bag is not the same. 

The summer ones are small and barely heavy, but if you use them on a cold night you can risk freezing or having a bad night. Therefore, if you already know for which season you need it, you should know before buying a bag that you have to check the temperature it can withstand. In all the bags they put the following indicators:

  • Comfort. This is the main temperature you have to look at, it is the temperature that the manufacturer assures you that you will always be warm.
  • Limit. The temperature that borders on cold and that you should never exceed. You may get a little chilly, but if you sleep with some clothes in the bag you should not get cold.
  • Extreme. Nobody believes it. Even if they put that temperature on, you better not try it, you could have the worst night of your life.

A trick to gain warmth is to buy a bivouac cover, as you gain 3 or 4 degrees and it also insulates you from moisture or rain. It is mainly used for sleeping outside but also serves to gain some temperature.

Today we can already have mats that fit in the palm of your hand with weights of less than 300g. These mats can be inflated and take up very little space. Comfortable, almost like a mattress. 

The new mats can be carried inside the backpack, without having to carry them upstairs, making them uncomfortable to carry. You should know that they are somewhat more fragile and last less time, but if you take good care of them, they can last you a lifetime. Obviously, they are not as cheap as the mats of all life, but they are less expensive than you think. 

3.Led lamps or headlamps

When we go camping sometimes we forget one of the basic materials, the flashlight. Years ago those heavy flashlights with big batteries were left behind. 

Now with the arrival of the LED universe, it is possible to acquire good flashlights at very affordable prices. The most comfortable lamps/flashlights are the so-called headlamps, which are those that can be carried on the head due to an elastic band that they incorporate. 

This way you leave your hands free to do other things. Anyway, we are going to leave you a recommendation of two that have a very good price in both categories:

4.Camping kit

A basic piece of camping equipment that you can’t miss is this kit. It can get you out of trouble or simply make your life easier. From a utility knife, kitchen utensils or mosquito repellent.

  • Multi-purpose knife. Whether it’s for cutting, fixing, opening a can, eating, whatever. They are super useful and can’t be missed on any camping trip!
  • Cooking kit. Both the cutlery and the frying pan or saucepan are usually included in this type of kit. Make sure they are stainless and above all light, as they sell some that weigh almost more than the backpack.
  • Waterproof bags to avoid getting things wet.
  • Flint, a very useful tool that will allow you to make fire without having a lighter or matches at hand.
  • Drinking water tube. If there is no drinking water nearby and you do not trust the river near you, this invention will make it drinkable in a few minutes.
  • You never know and many backpacks incorporate it. An emergency whistle that also scares away some animals never hurts.
  • Mosquito repellent. Don’t miss my friend. In summer or in any tropical place an anti-mosquito spray is more than necessary.

As you can see the material for camping is a world. It is very diverse and you can leave little or a lot of money. But like everything else, if you want to make the perfect camping you will have to choose the appropriate material for each situation. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.


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