Camping: yes or no?

Many people consider going camping on their next vacation, as it is a very different way of traveling. Unlike hotels, in a campsite your accommodation is based on camping, either with a tent on a pitch, or with a motorhome. They are usually located on the outskirts of cities or further away, so it is convenient to also have a car to move around if we want to sightsee in the area.

Do you want to know what are the advantages and disadvantages of traveling this way? Knowing this can help you decide if this is the type of vacation you are looking for.

Advantages of camping

One of the main advantages of camping is its economical price. Normally, nights at a campsite are much cheaper than in a hotel. It is also very easy to take care of the main meals of the day without spending too much money, with the help of a camping gas and some kitchenware.

However, although saving money is one of the reasons why many people decide to go camping, you have to take into account that the camping experience has much more to offer. Take a look, for example, at these three advantages:


If you are a lover of landscapes, fauna and vegetation, then there is no doubt that a campsite will be the perfect place to spend your vacations. Since they are usually located outside urban centers, it is an excellent way to be in nature and also to get to know the species typical of the area.

The bucolic and inspiring atmosphere, which can bring with it rivers, lakes, beaches or forests, is a perfect environment to relax reading a book or sunbathing. But it is also the ideal destination for those looking to practice sports such as hiking or even rafting or climbing.

Sleeping in a tent under the stars and waking up to early morning birdsong sounds too good to pass up. It is also the best alternative for eco-lovers looking for a sustainable lifestyle, also during their vacation.

Camping: yes or no?

A relaxing vacation

In addition to the natural environment, a campsite is one of the most relaxing places you can spend your vacation. For example, you will not have the pressure of clothing that can exist in hotels and you can live with neighbors who will also wear comfortable and loose clothing like you.

You decide your own schedule, since you do not depend on a kitchen or room service. You can organize your day as you prefer and quickly and easily take care of cooking, cleaning or getting in and out of the accommodation.

However, if you are looking for an intermediate between the lifestyle of a campsite and the luxury of a hotel, don’t forget that there are options of different categories and that in many of these establishments you can stay in bungalows. 

These small chalets are the best option for those who are looking for the casual style of camping, but do not want to do without amenities such as refrigerators or kitchens.

Hundreds of activities to do

It is clear that if you go camping to a place you don’t know you will want to do a lot of tourism in the area: visit nearby cities, monuments, museums, etc. However, whatever your case may be, do not forget that this type of accommodation has a very enviable offer of activities.

It is very common, for example, to find a swimming pool, bars and a playground. Children’s activities are the order of the day and if we travel with children we will see that it is one of the best ways to spend a great vacation, meeting other children and learning in nature.

However, it’s not just the little ones who can socialize at a campsite. Chatting with the neighbors on the pitch and meeting people in the common areas is very common and can be one of the best ways to find new travel companions and enjoy a good conversation.

Some cons of this type of vacation

But, unfortunately, it’s not all advantages when it comes to going camping. There are many people who have good reasons for not choosing this type of accommodation and prefer to take advantage of their vacation in a very different way.

Although there are campsites with different degrees of luxury and options that are more similar to hotels, there is no doubt that there are some cons that occur in all establishments of this type, regardless of their performance. Here are some of the disadvantages so that you can take them into account when making your decision:

Bugs and weather.

Although many tourists enjoy nature and purposely choose destinations with great scenery, it is also true that the environment can play a trick on us.

Bugs and insects, for example, are the big cons when it comes to camping. They are annoying in themselves and a very unpleasant sight for those who have a phobia of them. But on top of that, they can pose a real risk, as it is not uncommon to come back from your vacation with a bite or two. 

We must be very attentive to the allergic reactions that our skin may have and also to strange bites from unknown bugs, especially if we go on a trip to an exotic area.

The weather is another way in which nature can turn a camping trip into a negative experience. Rain and wind can dampen the camping experience, putting us at risk of catching a cold or ruining some of the basic survival materials. A tent at the mercy of inclement weather can completely erase the tranquility we expect from camping.

Lack of comfort

While a campsite is often a quiet place to make yourself at home, there is no denying that it is not a particularly comfortable option. Spending the nights on the ground or on a mattress may not be the best alternative if you suffer from back pain.

In addition to the discomfort of living in a tent, keep in mind that very often the toilets and showers are shared with the rest of the campsite’s neighbors. Sometimes you will have to wait in line to go to the bathroom and you depend, to some extent, on the hygiene and civility of others.

But, beyond the common areas, do not forget the cleanliness and the maintenance in good conditions of your tent or your caravan. For this reason, if you want to completely escape from your obligations, you must remember that in a campsite there are also cleaning tasks that you must perform.

Intimacy? where?

Many people enjoy the family atmosphere of camping and the opportunity to interact with other guests. But sometimes trust can go too far and preserving our privacy can become complicated.

Although it may seem obvious, there is no choice but to remember: in a campsite there are not many walls and in most cases the only thing that will separate you from your neighbors will be the fabric of the tent.

The more modest people will probably feel a bit uncomfortable camping. As we said, sharing the toilet area can be a challenge for many and an exercise in trusting strangers that may take us out of our comfort zone.

Who should go camping

Now that you know the main advantages and disadvantages of this type of vacation, you may want to keep in mind that camping is actually a very versatile form of camping. There are many different ways to enjoy this type of accommodation:

– As a family: the little ones will have a great time camping, the vacation will become quite an adventure! It is also the perfect time to teach them more about nature and instill a more ecological lifestyle in a fun and original way. Make sure you choose a campsite with services and activities adapted for children and you won’t regret it.

– Romantic getaway: camping with your partner is also a fun and original option. Although we have mentioned that there is a certain lack of intimacy, there is nothing more romantic than enjoying sunsets and starry nights together in an incredible landscape. It is also a good opportunity to meet other couples and have fun meeting new people.

– With friends: the freedom of camping is the perfect plan for a group trip. The possibility of taking several plots together to place the tents in the same area is a very fun and original alternative, as well as a low-cost way to travel all together.

So, now you know, if you are attracted by all the advantages of camping, maybe this is the best way to plan your next getaway. Whether with family, friends or a partner, staying at a campsite is a unique and fun experience that you should try at least once.




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