How To Get Scratches Out Of Stainless Steel 

Stainless steel is a common thing that we use in many of our appliances. Mostly because of its durability and sleek look that becomes easy to use. From the microwave to the sink, kitchen appliances, cookware, fixture, and other materials, we mainly used made up of stainless steel. But the problem with stainless steel appliances that they become scratch easily, and that is a problem. If you want to get back your steel items like as new to read on this article. Today’s article is about how to get scratches out of stainless steel, so you dont no more worry about the scratches. Follow the steps given below.

How do you get deep scratches out of stainless steel appliances?

Deep scratches are the most problematic ones, and they don’t get out easily. To get out deeper scratches from your stainless steel, you always have to use the sanded-down method. You need to use a wet piece of sandpaper for this process. Always wet your sandpaper, and then using a rubbing compound with it is also good. First, dampened the scratches area and made sure that it becomes wet all over the process. Then, following the grain direction and slowly apply pressure on the sand on the scratch area. Following the grain pattern, rub it in only one direction. But never try to use the sand back and forth. Now, after sometimes of rubbing, follow that the scratch is gone or not. If the scratch still remains, then you can use a courser-grit paper to remove it. Then lastly, smoothly and lightly rub & blend the area to remove the deeper scratches finally. Lastly, wipe the area and dry it by using a soft towel.

Especially remember one thing for this process, use sand only in a plain stainless steel area. If you try it on simulated stainless steel or stainless panels, the appliances’ coating will be removed, which you will not want.

How To Get Scratches Out Of Stainless Steel 
The woman cleaning set-top stove with rag

How do you get fine scratches out of stainless steel appliances?

Fine scratches mean the light scratches can easily remove by using non-abrasive materials like the Revere Stainless Steel, Comet, and Copper Cleaner. You can look for it at the appliance manufacture store. If you do not find these there, then look at the home improvement stores. One thing is removing a fine scratch that you have to polish after removing the scratch. So, if you use powdery materials to remove this kind of scratch, mix it with a little water and paste it. Then, dampen a cloth and apply the paste or other on the scratch and gently rub it by following the grain until the scratch is not removed. Then, wipe it with a dry cloth. Lastly, as mentioned, apply the protective polish to it to look like the newer one.

Clean and Polishing Step

Whether it is a deep scratch or the fine scratch, you need to finish up the removing process by cleaning it and polishing it, as we mentioned. Cleaning is best with a dry cloth and rubs gently also while cleaning. However, you can use the vinegar to better clean the result and wipe it with dry clothes.

Also, you need to polish the appliance with specific material for a fine scratch to give it a perfect look. Once the materials are dry, then start polishing them. You can use a few drops of oil and then wipe it with microfiber. You can use mineral oil, or vegetable oil, or olive oil for this process.

Does toothpaste remove scratches from stainless steel?

Yes, it can. Mostly the toothpaste is best to remove the fine stainless steel scratches. Apply the toothpaste using a toothbrush on the scratch back and forth. And rubbing gently by following the grain. Rub until the scratch is not gone fully and satisfy you. And lastly, polish it with the light coating of the stainless steel, and it will be perfect.

How do you remove scratches from a stainless steel refrigerator?

Refrigerator scratch is likely the fine scratch. So, to remove scratches from a refrigerator, you need to use the Comet, Copper Cleaner, and Revere Stainless Steel. By using any of these materials buffing the scratch area softly. And lastly, using some oil and dry cloths, you clean the area and perfectly polish it.

Does WD 40 remove scratches from stainless steel?

Yes, you can use the WD 40 to remove stainless scratches. It is also good to remove the scratch. You can find this one if you look into your garage. To use it, you just need to simply add the WD 40 on the scratch or the rag you will use and simply wipe it. By using this, your appliance will look more shiny and clean.

So, by following all the methods given above and the materials, you can easily get scratches from the stainless steel from your appliances and give them a new and shiny look.


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