How To Use A Fire Starter: An Easy Way To Build Fire On Your Own

Are you looking for the proper and efficient way to use a fire starter? This article is totally for you. Right now, we will offer you crucial information about how to use a fire starter by using a magnesium stick or magnesium striker – one of the most popular fire starters and standard outdoors tools that can give you a powerful fire. We will also offer you the critical factors about fire starters that you need to know if you need to buy one.

Firestarters are a survival tool for building powerful fire that you need to have if you are in a survival situation and emergency. Using a magnesium fire starter, you will successfully create yourself a fire pit or fire site to help you have a lighter sight at night. But what is the proper and effective way to use a fire starter?

If you are looking for the proper way to use a fire starter and all the crucial information related to this standard outdoors tool, do not miss this article and all the information below. We believe this way of using fire starters will assist you a lot in certain circumstances.

In this article, we will offer you the following information:

  • What is a magnesium fire starter?
  • Benefits of using a fire starter to build a fire
  • Essential Factors You Need To Know To Choose The Right Fire Starter
  • How to use a fire starter
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Conclusion

What Is A Magnesium Fire Starter?

Magnesium fire starter and fire rods are ordinary and unbelievable campsites and instruments for survival. A magnesium fire starter is a highly flame retardant material that can attain temperatures up to 5,000 °F (2,760 °C) in certain situations. Anything that brings such ferocity can generate a mighty fire.

How To Use A Fire Starter

A tiny spark ignites the magnesium shavings fire starter. Even if the wood or the small twigs are wet, magnesium burners can start a fire.

Another additional benefit of using this tool is that it remains dry at all times. It makes no difference if you get it wet. To light your fire, wipe the liquid off the exterior and scrape a stack of magnesium offcuts.

As a result, a mag bar fire starter is an excellent way to start fires and stay warm while camping.

How To Use A Fire Starter

This measure is based on the idea that you want a fire starter already. And this is vital because you don’t want to figure out how to brighten a campfire while the sun falls across the horizon or a storm rolls in the forest, particularly when you don’t have a choice. Nevertheless, until you are qualified to call yourself a fire-starting expert, you can practice wearing a hat in the kit. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

Benefits Of Using A Fire Starter To Build A Fire


A fire can give you enough heat to stay alive in icy conditions until assistance is reached, with just enough insulation and safeguards from the elements.


Visibility is the best sense of the human being. Usually, we are pretty indiscriminate without it. A fire will allow the survival of your shelter and bedding, feed, grinding animal traps, weapons, and so on to proceed with the essential task.

How To Use A Fire Starter


If people seek you and see fire or smoke, they come. If people don’t look for you, they will go and catch fire and smoke in a strange place. They are going to come when someone sees three fires. The construction of a fire is a wonderful way to be seen and thus rescued.

Remove predators, bugs, and most things, which you would like to bite or eat. A fire frightens the majority of wild animals and keeps them safe. While this is not 100%, I still suggest that you take further steps. Not only can eroded bedding, travel line alarm, mosquito netting, natural disinfectants, and defense arms be felt or produced in the wilderness. Defend yourself against insects and carnivores.

Cooking Food

Rarely eat raw food, even if it is probably safe most of the time. The danger is too severe if you go wrong, and it is often easy enough to cook over a fire.

Wound Disinfection

Is it too severe for us? It may not be imperative to sterilize your cuts and open injuries. Without proper training and knowledge, we do not advise doing this. But it can be a reliable and successful way to prevent your wound from being disinfected with fires, inevitably leading to more excellent health and even castration and death.

Morale boost

It makes you feel good and ought to start a fire. It offers all those huge advantages that increase your chances of survival markedly. It helps you feel safe and satisfied.

Essential Factors You Need To Know To Choose The Right Fire Starters

Activity Type

Various activities require various fire starters. The Bernzomatic Torch could make a good laugh on a journey on long-haul buckets, for instance, but you will quickly regret it.

Backpacking needs compact equipment, which is easy to bring in. So a simple Ferro rod and flint fire starter or a fire piston would make you ignite easily. Something larger and heavier like that is a much better fit if you’re going to camp.

Weight & Size

For backpacking, every ounce qualifies. Small things like fire starters can quickly get together with ounces. An additional inch of substance signifies less food space and more weight.

With fire starters, the best fire starter walks in a fine line. The search for the middle soil with weight and size is crucial for the right way—too little, too extensive, and your luggage has an extra weight that you don’t need to control.

Facility of use

The thing you want to fight with your starter is to get warm at the end of a long day’s trekking.

Some ways make life easier in the hinterland, especially if you start learning how to use a fire starter. Pack additional fire starter twigs if you’re new to this skill. You do not weigh very much or take up a lot of space, and in the long run, you will be more than worth it.

How To Use A Fire Starter


The reliability of matches and lighting devices is the problem. They don’t work very well once they get wet, too cold, or too high.

Getting a fire starter that is reliable in every situation and environment virtually guarantees that you are not allowed to shiver on the surface with an upset belly after a long day of hiking.


Like every piece of equipment, prices are essential. You need to determine a budget even before pursuing your options to find the best startup for your specific use.

Just because of a high price tag, don’t buy anything. This doesn’t mean it’s always the best piece of equipment. Price may reflect quality but may also lead to over-the-counter and needless products.

How To Use A Fire Starter

1. Build a Fire Site. Select a fire-fitting spot. Think of wind, precipitation, security of fire, and camping or cooking access. Overall, a previous fireplace in trafficked areas should be used.

How To Use A Fire Starter

2. Collect woods. The foundation of your fire pit, like snarl from dead trees, dried leaves, tinder, dryer lint,… should be as dry as possible. You can construct a bunch of fuel and coals with dry grass or bits of wood that is less than a matching bunch—also working well, dry bark or curly maple. Pick up many small branches, wood, cotton balls, sand, and fronds to make a stable burning flame. Have a couple of a bit larger, pinky sticks and wood prepared to be added to the fire pit.

3. Magnesium Shave. Use a suitable blade with a repaired or locking blade steady, preferably. Shave the magnesium block cautiously or grind it to a single place prepared to add to the fuel. High winds can burn up magnesium bar quickly, so try working in a shaded area. Take your time and create a decent quarter stack.

4. Spark the blaze. The Coghlans and many other prototypes are used to shatter a blade against an inserted Ferro rod on the opposite side of the magnesium bars. The best way to regulate the sparks is to move the Ferro while the lattice is stable, but it is easier to say it than to do it. Be sure that your dry tinder and magnesium are not upset.

Tip: You can use the blade back to trigger the rail or grind magnesium with several knives to prevent dulling the rib. Tip: (In blades with a steeply squared back sometimes designed with that in mind, this method is common)

Close the knife and use the exposed metal to bathe the sparks when using the back of a folding knife.

Many other metal artifacts can be used to make flames and sometimes even glass shards.

It requires a certain amount of effort to reach temperatures and get a great spark shower. I use the slicing side of the blade to avoid dulling the more frequently used cutting edge towards the front by using the back section, close to the handle.

Experience Ferro cautiously to get to know its features and remember that the knife is sharp.

5. Create fire. You will have a hot, short-lived fire when the magnesium drops a spark. Use it smartly and rapidly get grass, small sticks, and everything else that is inflammable. Build a fire like every other one once the flames go.

If you would like to watch a video about how to use a magnesium fire starter, do not hesitate to click the following video:

Frequently Asked Questions

How do fire starter sticks work?

Like an old file, the magnesium flint stick or flint strip is hit by rough steel. The tension between the two causes small steel granules to heat up and fly away in the form of sparks. Flint strip is the classic rock that starts with fire, but hard stones are working in any way.

What does a fire starter do?

Fire starters are designed to make a fire starting procedure easier and make a persistent fire, catching close inflammation. To do this, the fire beginner must burn long enough to set up the fire.

How do you get a fire pit with a fire starter stick?

Start by putting a long piece of enamel over your fuel at an angle of 30 degrees, with the wind trying to point to the other end of the stick—lean smaller sparks against the two sides of the lengthy piece for the construction of a tent. As the fire sparks up, your firewood adds more.


After reading this article about how to use a fire starter, we hope that you will know the proper way of using a magnesium fire starter to build yourself a fire pit. The information above is the crucial thing you need to know about using a fire starter. We believe that you can get the best result if you follow the above steps.



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