Tips For Camping With Children

Are you organizing your summer vacation and you are not sure what to do? Going camping with children is an excellent option. It will be an experience that your children will enjoy to the fullest and that they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is a perfect opportunity to enjoy nature and, if you get tired, you just have to pack your things and go with the house on your back to another place.

Going camping with your family requires you to take into account many aspects such as where to go or what to bring. For this reason, we have made a selection of tips and common questions to help you organize a different and entertaining vacation. Take note.

  1. Which campsite to choose?

To go camping with children it is necessary to have several things in mind. You can camp anywhere, but it is not ideal. If it is the first time you do it, or you still have doubts about whether you will like it or not, it is best to follow these tips and go to sites where the facilities have:

– Pitches that are large and have plenty of shade during the day.

– Basic services such as drinking water, hot water and electricity.

– Several bathing areas and showers, preferably close to your tent.

– An area close to the beach or with a swimming pool.

– Children’s areas and some kind of entertainment.

– Shelter in case it rains and the tent does not resist.

In addition, in many cases, camping allows direct contact with nature. This is a great opportunity to teach them to respect the environment and to take care of their surroundings.

 Tips For Camping With Children

  1. Indispensable items that cannot be missing in our camping trip with children

When it comes to packing your luggage, there are a series of essentials that you cannot overlook. We provide you with a detailed list so that you do not forget anything.

In the tent

– Tent. It is a must because you will spend most of your time in it. They are specially designed for families with several rooms or spaces. There are different models, such as chalet tents, canvas tents, tepees, igloos or the most popular ones, the tunnel tents.

– Inflatable mattresses. We also recommend you to buy a waterproof protector, because if you go with small children and they have a pee leak at night, the mattress will not get wet.

– An insulating fabric to put on the floor of the tent. Although the mattresses already fulfill this function, it would not be bad to have one.

– Pillows and sheets. In some areas the temperature drops a lot at night, so it is a good option to also have sleeping bags. They will love the experience of spending the night with them.

– A cooler to keep your food well preserved.

– Extension cord and plugs to have several plugs.

For lunchtime

– Folding tables and chairs for meals.

– Utility knife. They are very useful and the designs usually have a sharp blade for cutting, screwdriver, can opener, scissors and sometimes a file. We remind you of the importance of taking care that your children do not handle them.

– Battery-operated flashlights. Another less polluting option are those that work with dynamo.

– Matches or lighters. It is very important that children do not handle them, even under supervision. You are in a natural environment and a poorly extinguished match could be devastating. Use them with great caution.

– Camping gas. It is a small butane or propane cylinder. They are disposable cans that serve as a heat source for cooking on camping and RV trips.

– Frying pans and saucepans. Take the ones you are going to use the most. In this type of trip it is important to choose well what to take and what not to take.

– Cutlery and crockery. It is preferable that they are not made of plastic, there are other options such as wood or bamboo.

– Cooking basics such as oil or salt.

– Easy to prepare food such as pasta, rice or canned food. Do not forget to bring fruit.

 Tips For Camping With Children

For the bathroom

– Clothesline and clothespins.

– Personal hygiene items. It is important to differentiate the different toiletries for each member of the family so as not to forget anything.

– Towels for the shower. The quick-drying ones are less bulky in the suitcase.

– Rubber flip-flops to avoid stepping on your feet in the shower. Even if they are clean, you will avoid possible contact with fungi generated by humidity.

– First aid kit. When going with small children it is very important not to forget Band-Aids, hydrogen peroxide or Betadine. They will spend the day playing and, sometimes, bumps or scratches are unavoidable.

Clothing and sun protection essentials

– Comfortable clothing and footwear – don’t forget a bathing suit!

– Some warm clothing never hurts, as well as a raincoat.

– Hats, caps and sunglasses. It is very important to protect ourselves adequately from the sun.

– Sunscreen and mosquito repellent. The ideal would be a cream with factor +50 of fast absorption and that is not very sticky.


– Tool kit for the car in case of any unforeseen mechanical problems.

– Camera. You can buy a disposable one for your children to participate in this activity. They are very resistant and there are even waterproof ones.

– Cash and credit cards.

– GPS. Whether it is integrated in the phone or if you use an external navigator, it will be helpful if at some point you decide to leave the campsite to get to know the area.

– And last but not least, the documentation of each member of the family (ID and health cards).

  1. Leisure at the campsite

Although children are entertained by everything, it is important to bring things that they can have fun with and pass the time. It is true that many campsites have activities and entertainment for children, but it would not hurt to include their bikes, scooters or tricycles in their luggage if they are younger. It will not only help them to get around the area, but also to socialize and make friends.

It is very likely that they will make friends and go around with their new playmates but, for free time like after lunch or before dinner, we can have fun with them. How? By telling them stories, organizing treasure hunts, exploring the forest and the surroundings or looking at the stars and teaching them to distinguish the Big Dipper and the Little Dipper. You can also bring their favorite books or coloring books.

There is no doubt that camping with children is an unforgettable experience, both for them and for the parents. Spending time as a family surrounded by nature and fun, sleeping and cooking together is, for many, the definition of an ideal vacation.





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