Altitude & Health


Aspen is located at 7,908 feet above sea level giving us a high alpine climate with low humidity & year-round sunshine.

Summer in Aspen begins in June and ends promptly Labor Day weekend when fall begins. Summer showers or thunderstorms often occur in the afternoons, but they do not last long and the rainbows are not to be believed! Temperatures during the day will reach into the 80′s, but evenings are cooler so be sure to bring a sweater with you when walking around town at night.

Adjusting to High Altitude: Water is the number one way to help your body adjust to our high and dry air. You need to drink twice the amount of water here as you would at home.

Monitor your alcohol consumption over your first few days. You will feel its affects faster than usual, so be aware & make sure to drink water as well.

Always dress in layers when you are in Colorado. The weather can change rapidly and you want to be prepared. Also always remember sunscreen and sunglasses – you are closer to the sun at 7,908 feet above sea level!

If you are feeling extremely ill please call 911 for medical attention.

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