How To Clean A Swiss Army Knife Clean And Safe For You

How To Clean A Swiss Army Knife Clean And Safe For You

You are searching for information about how to clean a swiss army knife, a swiss army knife hard to open. You are bewildered because it is very informative on this topic. It makes it difficult to filter and unclear the purpose of many articles. You are also confused by its functions and uses, no one has helped you to answer those questions.

This article will cover the clean swiss army knife guide or pocket knife cleaner, and swiss army knife maintenance. Moreover, we also provide more information about swiss army knife oil and swiss army knife hard to open. Maybe these are the answers to your long-standing questions.

We have researched many documents and selected sources that are accurate and can keep you up to date quickly. Read on!


  • Benefits Of A Swiss Army Knife
  • Step By Step To Clean A Swiss Army Knife
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Benefits Of A Swiss Army Knife

The Swiss Army Knife, a very basic multi-tool is the Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Pocket Tool


How To Clean A Swiss Army Knife

This is a versatile knife with the least number of tools and the most basic.


Available in 4 different colors: black, red, silver, or blue, but all come with clippers, nail files, nail clippers, or scissors.

This particular knife will be useful to you in a few cases, but it still lacks a lot of other necessary tools that anyone really cares about.

Victorinox Swiss Army Knife Champ

Champ is 99mm long and weighs 185g, so it will fit perfectly in a pocket or attached to a key ring.

This one costs around £50, but the green version will sell for £60.

The following tools:

  • Big blade
  • Small blade
  • Spiral corkscrew
  • Can opener
  • Small screwdriver
  • Bottle opener
  • Screwdrivers
  • Wire stripping pliers
  • Knife
  • Keyring
  • Tweezers
  • File your nails with
  • Metal grinding
  • Clean nails
  • Metal saw
  • Hard screwdriver
  • Chisels
  • Pliers with teeth for wire cutting
  • Wire bending tools
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Magnifying glass
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Toothpick
  • Drag
  • Multi-function hook
  • Wood saw
  • Fish scaler with
  • Remove the hook
  • Ruler (cm/inch)
  • Stainless steel pins
  • Small screwdriver

One of the good things about Swiss Army knives is that they are made to meet the most demanding needs, in addition, there are high-quality knife bags.

This knife bag is just the right size to carry – fits neatly in your hand but has a variety of uses and a knife will fit in this leather pouch.


This product is extremely convenient, it helps you to use it in many things and can support you in many things in life. Take advantage of it!

This product is also used in beauty treatments such as manicures and pedicures.

In addition, it is used in the farming of agricultural products.

Step By Step To Clean A Swiss Army Knife

We will give you information on how to clean a swiss army knife. From there, you will know the steps to clean swiss army knife and swiss army knife hard to open.

Step 1: Prepare tools

You need to prepare a bowl of clean water, a small brush, some fine salt, a cleaning cloth, a small stick, etc.

Step 2: Add salt to the water

You mix a small amount of salt into a large bowl of water so that the water is acidic to help remove the oxidized plaque for a long time.

Step 3: Soak the knife in the salted bowl for 20 seconds

This helps to remove oxidized stains and cleans the bacteria on the knife.

Step 4: Use the brush to scrub the knife


It will help clean the areas and areas where the brush can rub against the knife to remove the most difficult stains.

Step 5: Use the tip stick

To remove stains in crevices that the brush cannot reach.

Step 6: Final cleaning

How To Clean A Swiss Army Knife

You wash the knife with clean water, then let it dry in the sun.


1. What is a pocket knife cleaner?

You can refer to many ways and each way requires different tools. However, the main tools are still water, pots, brushes, towels, etc. You have a reference to note on the preparation.

2. What is the commonly used swiss army knife oil?

The answer is Luyn Oil

There are many questions related to lubricant products and oil is one of them. Because this concept seems too strange to many people because of the strange name. Therefore, in the share below of the article, we would like to provide detailed advice. From there, you will have a better understanding of oil products to choose the right product for your needs.

Oil concept

Talking about what oil is, here is the old term used to refer to lubricating oil or lubricating oil. What to note when talking about lubricating oil

In addition to learning what lubricating oil is, you should also note some of the issues that are. When selling to older customers and customers using the phrase lubricating oil, we need to note that: Customers are very interested in buying oils where high viscosity means dense. So if we buy unsuitable oil, customers will criticize it as a dilute oil because it is not suitable.

The reason for this problem is answered because:

– In the years that our country has just reunified, there are still many difficulties. Add to that will see a border war plus embargo from the US. Therefore, the machines and equipment are old and there is a shortage of spare parts. At that time, there were some vehicles that were only 20 to 30 years old.

– The mechanic they need has an important task in the maintenance and repair of the machinery and equipment of their agency.

With long-term use and operation, the machine parts will be worn a lot. From there will cause gaps between the details that are most recognizable that represent the noise emitted by the machine.

– At that time, those living people used a smooth liquid with a blue light. It is called lubricating oil to fill the inside of the lubrication system or between the machine parts. It has been found that lubricating oil will help the engine run more smoothly, especially when the oil is thicker. Therefore, many mechanics have spread the word about the denser oil, the more effective it is.

And to this day, this experience is still of interest to many people. But with modern society with the introduction of many advanced machinery and equipment used in production and business. Now, the use of the concept of lubricating oil seems to be very scarce.

3. How to swiss army knife hard to open?

In fact, the Swiss Army knife is not difficult to open, it is just difficult to open because there are so many parts that you cannot distinguish what you need and take it out. As for the opening, you just need to move the different knife parts inside clockwise to open it.

4. How to do Swiss army knife maintenance?

You should store the knife in a book bag or backpack when carrying it to work. When not in use, you can keep it in the toolbox to keep it well preserved.

In addition, you can also use lubricating oil to protect the knife from the weather and from the oxidizing taste.

5. Can I use the Swiss Army Knife to defend myself?

The answer is yes. When you are in a dangerous situation, use the tools you have to protect yourself.

Here are some ways to defend yourself:

1. When the opponent grabs your hair from the front

Do not struggle because as usual you can’t escape but will be held more tightly. Instead, do the following:

  • Raise your right hand
  • Left hand hanging in front of your face.
  • Move your legs to the side and then put pressure on the opponent to fall.
  • At that time, the opponent will lose balance, this is your chance to escape.

2. When attacked by helmet on the road

When you are attacked with a helmet while you are falling, the direction of the attack is from top to bottom, put your hand on the opponent’s neck, with the other hand grasp the opponent’s hat handle, push away.

If you can’t push, try to affect a certain acupuncture point in the opponent’s neck, this is also a dangerous place, the opponent will reduce the attack power or be controlled by you.

3. When being stabbed with a knife, threatening to stab a needle

Immediately ran away. If you are confident and capable enough, fight back by breaking the opponent’s arm.

Wrist bend position: the thumb is between the little finger and the ring finger, the other three fingers hold the opponent’s wrist and bend it back.

If you can’t hold the wrist, grab at the top (near the elbow and pull hard for the opponent to fall and then run away.

4. Being held by the opponent’s neck by the elbow

Bend down and bite hard on your opponent’s arm. Along with that, the backward kick into the opponent’s groin, the better. If you are a girl wearing high heels, put force into the heel of the shoe and step hard on the opponent’s foot.

You may be interested: If you plan to teach children basic self-defense skills, you can refer to the 6 self-defense skills parents need to teach children

5. Being attacked after being pushed down

When the opponent is crouching to approach you, put strength into your foot and kick hard in the face or in the crotch. When the attacker is sitting on top of you, strike your back with your knees to make him fall forward, immediately crawling out of your grip.

6. Get rid of the caught wrist

In this case, struggling may not be as effective and cause the opponent to grip more tightly. Pull your hand firmly towards the contact between the thumb and the other finger in the other hand holding you. This is the weak point in the bad guy’s hand lock that you can take advantage of.

7. When being strangled and pinned to the ground

First, flex your neck to avoid suffocation. Then bend the legs up, use both hands to poke straight into the armpits at the same time (the weak spot is about 10 cm below the armpit). Next, use the left hand to press the opponent’s right hand and raise the hips up, the right hand to hit the chin, and turn the opponent to the side. Finally, put strength into the opponent’s groin.

8. When attacked from the front by the enemy

Use your index and middle fingers to stab his eyes or throat. Can grab the opponent’s hair and pull his head down while raising his leg so that the opponent’s oil hits his knee.

9. Get out of danger when taking a taxi or motorbike taxi

If you realize that the driver is in danger while sitting in a taxi or motorbike taxi, take advantage of the things you bring with you such as bag straps, belts, earphones straps around the driver’s neck, ask to stop or return to the place. safe and stop the car.

10. Take advantage of some carry-on items to escape

Mineral sprays, perfumes also have a spicy part and can be used as pepper spray, to spray directly on the opponent’s face. With the key cluster, putting the keys in the slot between the fingers and attacking the opponent with that hand in dangerous places such as the neck and face will increase the effect.

Some of these skills can help you in a particular situation. However, in any situation, the most important thing is calm. Try to imagine dangerous situations in advance so that you can stay awake and act quickly and efficiently.


After you know the information about how to clean a swiss army knife, swiss army knife hard to open, swiss army knife maintenance, etc., you will surely have solved the expensive problems for yourself, so that you know about cleaning swiss army knife so fast. Plus, you know the steps to clean it, I hope you can make good use of the steps we have introduced. Moreover, we have attached a few product links to help you with some suggestions.

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