How To Purify Water That Only Takes A Moment

Dirty water contains many bacteria viruses, heavy metals, .. very harmful to our body. You want to know how to purify water, and what is the fastest way? However, you feel confused and worried about many different ways and information that you have not been able to filter out. This will make you confused and difficult to choose the right way. This article will answer your questions.

How To Purify Water That Only Takes A Moment

The article contains useful information about survival water purification and also ways to purify water to help you do well. In addition, we will provide you with water purification methods and other information as well.

We’ve researched various sources of information and selected the fastest and most relevant information and practices for you to apply and implement. Read on!

The article on how to purify water includes the following sections:

  • Benefits Of Purifying Water
  • Step By Step To Purify Waterways to purify water
  • Q&A
  • Conclusion

Benefits Of Purifying Water (water purification)

Before getting to how to let you know how to purify water, the effect of survival water filters on the body is very important. Let’s review a few uses of filtered water below and how to drink filtered water properly.

Nourishing the skin (drinking water)

Water is a natural beauty cream. Wrinkles will be deeper, more visible on the face when your body is dehydrated. Therefore, never let your body fall into this situation.

When skin cells receive enough water, your face will look younger, and your skin will be smoother. Water also helps to remove impurities and improves blood circulation, making the face rosy and bright.

Helps with good digestion

Along with fiber, water is essential for good digestion. Water helps dissolve substances and helps them move smoothly through the digestive tract.

If you are dehydrated, the waste products in the digestive system are drier and it is difficult to move. You should not drink too much water at once, drink about 30 minutes apart. 30 minutes is the best time. The minutes let are good for the stomach. UV light is not good for human health so you should not put water under UV light. UV light can transform good substances in water.

Reduce the risk of kidney stones

The risk of kidney stones may be increased because people do not drink enough water. Water helps dilute the salts and minerals in the urine, avoiding the risk of solid crystals forming from them called kidney stones. Kidney stones can also form in diluted urine, so drink plenty of water.

A rolling boil is also a good way to help you filter water. Rolling boil helps to kill bad bacteria. This helps bacteria and viruses to be destroyed. And you don’t need to worry about bacteria and viruses that can affect your body parts. Boiling water is good. Water boiling helps you well. It’s the same with water filters. Water filters are so good for your health. You need to filter the water. It’s water-safe. Just 1 boiling time you can drink that water.

Step By Step To Purify Waterways to purify water

How to filter with a simple biological filter

In addition to choosing to buy quality water purifier products, you can clean domestic water by manual methods. The biological filter consists of 3 separate layers: sand, gravel, and activated carbon.

You can do it yourself with the required materials such as sand, gravel, activated carbon, plastic pipes, a container divided into 3 compartments, hole saw. For untreated water, you need to treat the water. For infected sesame, we need water disinfection. Water disinfection is so good.

How to make a simple biofilter as follows:

Step 1: Prepare tools

Step 2: Turn the water tank upside down and cut a hole in the bottom.

Step 3: Pour activated carbon to the bottom.

This is a very good material for making clean water, removing impurities and harmful pathogens

Step 4: Pour the sand layer on top of the activated carbon layer.

Sand can filter larger particles

Step 5: Pour the gravel layer on top.

So you will have 3 layers of filters to remove dirt, insects, leaves with sizes from large to small from top to bottom.

Note: You can substitute other materials that you think are best, but you don’t need to completely depend on the 3 materials mentioned above. However, it should be noted that when doing this manual water filter, you should cut the hole just large enough to easily pour the material in. Should hang the bottle up high, lead the water up and collect clean water below.


What should I pay attention to when using a water purifier?

You should pay attention to free water sources such as rivers, lakes, ponds, etc. This is unfiltered water. If you are too worried, you can search for information on how to filter water manually to use these water sources. For example, when camping, you can use water from these water sources.

Use an oxide stone pillar if the water source is heavily polluted

The input water source, whether more or less, also contains bacteria and dirty impurities. If the water source is heavily polluted for a long time, bacteria will accumulate in the filter core, reducing the life of the core.

The use of oxide stone pillars will reduce the pollution level of the water source. Improve the efficiency of the water purifier, ensure the health of your family.

Replace the core periodically as recommended

Changing the water filter element periodically is a must when using a water purifier. Then you will have a guaranteed source of water rich in minerals. On the contrary, if the water filter elements are not changed periodically, the use of water from the water purifier is extremely dangerous.

According to the recommendations of water purifier experts, if using expired water filter cores, the water after being treated through the water purifier is more dangerous than untreated water.

The reason is that the filter core loses its ability to kill bacteria for a long time, bacteria will accumulate in the filter core when using this bacteria will follow the water out. In addition, the water filter core will lose the ability to create minerals and the water will no longer have the necessary minerals for your body.

Drain the water for the first time to buy and use

When the first flush, you can see dark brown residue and conductive coal dust in the water generated during the process of passing through the filter core made of durable activated carbon. The water after passing through here will create a flow that washes away the color and the tiny dust particles on that material completely clean the filter material.

From the following filters, you will never see water with this phenomenon again. Therefore, after installing the filter, the manufacturer recommends that you discharge the first 4-5 times of water to drink in order to stabilize the output quality.

In order not to waste time filtering, you can filter already at home and regularly bring the water. In your household, you can pay a fee to have water that is filtered by the water supplier.

When using any water purification method, you should read the instructions before doing it, and avoid filtering water where the water is not clean. Unfiltered water contains many chemicals. Each of the chemicals has its own harm or benefit. To avoid harmful effects you must filter the chemicals in the water to avoid contamination.

It is recommended to change the water after changing the filter element

After replacing the filter element, you should perform a water change to ensure that the operation is not contaminated with previous contamination. As well as avoid the situation of causing water blockage when using.

Do not install the water inlet hose of the machine into the hot water pipe

The source water pipe of the water purifier is made of plastic and rubber material. Installing the water inlet hose of the machine into the hot water pipe will cause the water pipe to quickly fail or most likely melt due to the heat of the water.

Keep the water filtration system from freezing

This is very important, especially with the climate of the European region in the winter, which is very prone to freezing.

Keep the drain pipe from the machine always clear

Always pay attention to the wastewater path to avoid being blocked or blocked, which will prevent the wastewater water source from being discharged, the machine will not be able to automatically flush the filter core system after filtering the water. This not only reduces the life of the water filter element but also makes the water quality after filtration will not be pure.

It is recommended to leave the washing machine for 3 hours for new and unused machines

To ensure health safety, remove dirt, mold, and other harmful bacteria in the water purifier that has not been used for a long time, or to clean the newly purchased machine, you should install the machine in the waterline and let it run. run continuously for 3 hours.

Do not let the inlet water pressure be too large

In high-rise buildings, the input water source often has great pressure. So when using a water purifier, you should install a source water lock on the water purifier and turn it down. When you are away from home for a long time, you should turn off the water and turn off the power to prevent the water pressure from being too strong to turn on the faucet and damage the lock.

Use the correct voltage for the filter

Only the voltage specified by the manufacturer should be used. The use of a voltage higher or lower than the recommended voltage will directly affect the power supply, reducing the life of the water purifier.

What is the harm if you do not change the water filter element?

Use a water purifier to prevent the risk of unsafe water such as causing digestive tract diseases, skin and eye diseases, worse, there is a risk of cancer if the water source contains toxic impurities.

However, if you do not know how to use it correctly, the filter element is not replaced on time, the filtered water is as dangerous as unfiltered water.

Dirty filter elements increase the risk of clogging and damage to the RO membrane, reducing the percentage of pure water, causing the pump to operate at excess capacity, easily causing fire and short circuit; reducing the life of the machine.

The recommended replacement time for RO water purifiers on the market is about 3-6 months with coarse filters, 24-36 months with RO membranes, and 12 months with additional functional filters.

Do you need to change the water filter element periodically?

Water filter core is a material that prevents dirt, impurities, and harmful bacteria in the water purification process. With functional filter cores, they have the effect of adding beneficial minerals to the body, stabilizing the sweetness of the water, helping to ensure safe output, and avoiding re-infection.

Each water filter element has its own life according to the manufacturer’s regulations. At the end of its life, dirt and bacteria will clog the pre-filter element or filter; making them less or less functional.

This leads to the risk of damaging electrical components, clogging the filter, the output water being contaminated with bacteria and impurities, not ensuring the quality of the filtered water; The functional filter elements cannot work, causing the filtered water to be “inert” tasteless, without minerals, even re-infected.

What are the effects of polluted water?

Polluted water has serious effects on human health, its harm is proportional to people suffering from acute and chronic diseases such as diarrhea, skin cancer.

What we need to do to protect water sources, first we see what water pollution is and what causes water pollution

Causes of polluted water

The rapid pace of industrialization and urbanization and population growth put increasing pressure on water resources in the territory. The water environment in many urban areas, industrial zones, and craft villages is increasingly polluted by wastewater, emissions and solid waste. In big cities, densely populated, domestic waste is also an important cause of water pollution. Water pollution due to industrial production is very heavy.

For example, in the textile industry, pulp and paper industry, wastewater usually has an average pH of 9-11, biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD). can be up to 700mg/1 and 2,500mg/1, the suspended solids content… is many times higher than the allowable limit.


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